Guide to Scattering Ashes: Creating a Peaceful and Meaningful Ceremony

Guide to Scattering Ashes: Creating a Peaceful and Meaningful Ceremony

How to scatter ashes in a peaceful way:

“Death is not extinguishing the light, instead it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come.”

As rightly quoted by Rabindra Nath Tagore, death is the initiation point of a new life ahead for your loved ones, and it can be celebratory in nature. However, we cannot ignore the fact that the whole parting process with the people who were closest to you once is never easy. It takes a lot of emotional strength to even participate in the last rites.

Hence, we are here to guide you and explain how to exactly go about it. There are both traditional and modern ways you can choose to follow.

According to the traditional view, a proper burial gives you that sense of closure. You feel more connected to your roots while being busy selecting the right cemetery, headstone options, funeral homes, and other arrangements. Whereas cremation offers a wider range of choices that are unique in themselves. It is fast becoming the norm in Britain nowadays, with over 70% of families choosing this type of funeral. Further, cremation is followed by the scattering of the ashes of your loved one, which can either be aerial or water scattering, depending on the aggrieved party.

 Ideas for scattering ashes in the rightful manner:

1. Pick their favorite place.

Try to remember the place that was closest to your loved one’s heart. There is nothing better than resting at a place that is frequently adored by someone. But you must take the right precaution if it is feasible for you in a lawful way.

2. Use personalized urns for scattering:

You can buy urns according to their specific traits and preferences so that you will be able to cherish their presence. Suppose if they were an environmental enthusiast, you can opt for natural, eco-friendly urns which are easily biodegradable.

3. In a river or at sea nearby:

Scattering the ashes over water simply means scattering the deceased’s belongings to free them from this materialistic world and let them have their independence after their journey is over on this planet. In Hinduism, water scattering is a very renowned method opted for by lakhs of people, especially at the Ganga. It is believed that Goddess Ganga herself descended from heaven to save the dead from the continuous birth cycles.

Typically, one is not allowed to do the scattering near protected sites like beaches, conservation ponds, or streams. Unless you have obtained permission from a higher authority to perform the same.

4. Dedicating a memorial tree:

Scattering ashes in a forest near a memorial tree is a traditional ritual being followed diligently by the tribal population in some parts of the world. Mixing forest soil with the ashes will help neutralize the harmful effects caused by the ashes. It’s quite an appropriate option to opt for if the deceased person was a green thumb or too fond of nature.

5. Trenching or burying the ashes:

Our garden holds the closest place in our hearts, where we have cherished memories with our children and parents. Hence, burying your beloved’s ashes at the back of your garden is a pretty common alternative that most people go for. Firstly, it is obviously affordable and convenient. And secondly, you need not be worried about the legal troubles because doing it on your own private property gives you added benefits.


Ques1. How much does it cost to scatter ashes?

Answer: With the increase in the number of people choosing cremation over burial, this method is gaining popularity all over the world. In comparison to traditional burial, scattering of ashes can be done in various ways, and one can choose according to their budgets too. If you are short on funds, you can directly go for aerial or water scattering near your hometown.

Ques2. Can ashes be scattered on public land?

Answer: The answer to this question completely depends on your area. To be more specific, one needs to get a permission letter from the local authorities, as is the case with most public places, whether a cemetery or any national park. So, I would advise you to check for yourself.

Ques3. Should you be worrying about the ashes getting moldy?

Answer: Ashes are to be kept in sealed-pack containers or plastic bags. It usually contains acidic material that is devoid of moisture; hence, there is not much to be worried about.

Ques4. How to fill cremation jewelry with ashes?

Answer: Carrying the ashes of your beloved with you everywhere shows your true attachment to them, and when it comes to carrying the last memories of them in jewellery, it's not a very complex task. You have to fill the tiniest amount carefully by opening the jewellery lock and filling it with the right tools.

Ques5. What does the scattering of ashes symbolize?

Answer: The scattering of ashes is one of the prominent steps in bidding farewell to your loved one. It gives the deceased family part of their closure from that soul and the freedom to depart for the deceased. 


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