How Do I Choose The Right Size Of A Cremation Urn?

How Do I Choose The Right Size Of A Cremation Urn?

Choosing The Right Size Cremation Urn

Losing a loved one is surely the most heartbreaking moment of all. Apart from the emotional turmoil that a family goes through, the idea of arranging the last rites comes across as quite an overwhelming task. In spite of that, we want to give our best as much as we can to those who are closest to us. Giving comes with a lot of responsibility and compassion. Hence, our primary responsibility of departing our closest one to their right place involves choosing the right cremation urn, as it is a prominent decision in the whole parting ceremony.

But don’t you worry; we are here to solve this dilemma for you. Ensuring the right size of an urn is of paramount importance. Along with it, I am sure you would not want to go for either too big or too small. Because a big cremation urn will leave space for the ashes, which would create unnecessary issues altogether. On the other hand, too small of an urn will not accommodate all the ashes, and it will necessitate buying another urn, which doesn’t make any economic sense.

Understanding Cremation urn sizes:

In basic terms, a cremation urn is a type of vessel that holds the ashes of your loved ones after they have departed. Now, these urns can be crafted with various materials like wood, brass, silver, aluminium, or marble. Let’s take a look at their custom sizes.

1. Individual urns:

Individual cremation urns are best suited for most families. The wide variety allows the members to narrow down their choices and go ahead with the product aptly by selecting off the random variables. One can also add Personalisation to these as per their preference.

2. Keepsake urns:

Keepsake urns are smaller in size in comparison to individual urns, and they are supposed to hold a small portion of the ashes. They are compatible with those who wish to distribute the ashes within their family and keep some to cherish their loved ones. Typically, keepsake urns hold up to 1–3 inches of cremation remains. and they are much more affordable if someone is looking for the right urns within a budget.

3. Children and infant urns:

Infant urns are intended to memorize the passing away of beloved children in families. Due to fewer body weights, one does not need too many urns to accommodate the infants’ ashes. So, look for the ones that are not too big and can hold up to 50 to 20 inches of cremated ashes.

4. Pet urns:

Pets are an integral part of our family, and it is obvious to love them as much as we love our own kind. Hence, our beautifully crafted pet urn is something you should definitely check for once because we ensure you the best quality products. It is advisable to add a little more than 15–20 inches of space for their cremated ashes. Most families use this extra space to put their toys or attractions in remembrance of their memories.

5. Eco-friendly urns:

The biodegradable urns are typically crafted with wood, paper, clay, or even coconut shells, as they are designed to break down after a certain period of time. These eco-friendly urns are for those who wish to return the ashes to the earth in the right form. If you are really in a creative mood, you can also design your own eco-friendly urn.

A guide to selecting the right size:

Cremation urn sizes are calculated in cubic inches. A cube inch has almost 1’’ length, 1'' width, and 1'' height. Hence, the general rule to follow for individual adult urns is up to 200 cubic inches. Again, this is no guarantee, and it might vary from person to person.

If we try to put the formula in words here for you, that will look something like this:

1 lb. body weight = 1 cubic inch of remains

186 lbs body weight = 186 cubic inches urn will be needed.

Most frequently asked questions:

Question 1: What is the purpose of keeping an urn?

Answer: Simply put, they are offered as a tribute to honour your loved ones, and in general terms, cremated urns help you store the ashes of the deceased. Distributing it amongst your family members or wearing it in the form of any locket jewellery are some of the common uses too. 

Question 2: How many types of cremation urns are made exactly?

Answer: Cremation urns come in varieties like individual, companion, keepsake, or mini ones. You can opt for any of these according to your requirements or taste.

Question 3: Do bigger people need bigger urns?

Answer: I have provided the right scale above, which you can consider to find the right size for your loved one. Do remember, though, that it is not very rigid and can vary. 

Question 4: Do all the urns with ashes need to be sealed?

Answer: All kinds of cremation urns are usually designed with lids or seals on them. Moreover, ashes hardly contain any moisture. So, you don’t need to worry about the ashes getting moulded.

Question 5: What is the right spot to keep the cremated ashes of your loved ones?

Answer: You can choose the place that is closest to their heart. Places near nature are also preferred by most people, or you can also put the ashes safely in crematoriums. 


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