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Basketball Power Drive | 10" Cremation Urn - Ashes Holder

Basketball Power Drive Artwork Metal Urn - 10 Inches

Preserve the spirit of your basketball enthusiast with the Basketball Power Drive Artwork Metal Urn. This 10-inch cremation urn is a unique and powerful tribute, featuring an engaging design that captures the intensity of a basketball power drive. Crafted from durable metal, this urn not only safeguards the ashes but also serves as a striking memorial piece. Explore the key features and specifications below to create a lasting and meaningful remembrance.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic design with a basketball power drive artwork
  • Medium size - 10 inches, suitable for adult ashes
  • Sturdy metal construction for lasting durability
  • Secure closure for the safekeeping of your loved one's ashes
  • A unique and intense expression of remembrance


  • Design: Basketball Power Drive Artwork
  • Material: High-Quality Metal
  • Size: 10 Inches

The Basketball Power Drive Artwork Metal Urn is more than just a container; it's a symbol of the intense passion and love you shared. Crafted with precision from high-quality metal, this medium-sized urn offers a secure and dignified resting place for adult ashes. The dynamic design captures the power and energy of a basketball power drive, making it a unique and intense expression of remembrance. Choose this urn to honor your loved one's love for the game and create a lasting memorial that reflects their vibrant spirit.

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