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Christ Ocean 10 inch" Precious Memories Urns

Elegant 10 inch Christ Ocean Background Urn for Adult Human Ashes

Christ Ocean Background Memorial Urns

Our carefully selected range of 10 inch Christ ocean background urns offers a tranquil resting place for the ashes of your loved ones. Each urn is a tribute to the memory of those who have passed, ensuring their legacy is preserved with dignity and love. Suitable for adult male, female, dad, and all cherished human remains, our urns are designed for those seeking a serene memorial.

  • Size: Perfect 10 inch height to respectfully house the ashes of an adult.
  • Themes: Christ ocean background for a peaceful and serene homage.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for adult male, female, dad, and general adult use.
  • Material: High-quality materials ensuring durability and integrity over time.
  • Design: Each urn is crafted with care, reflecting a tranquil ocean scene intertwined with Christian symbolism.
  • Purpose: Ideal for home, columbarium, or burial, providing a dignified rest.
  • Memorial: A beautiful way to remember your loved ones and keep them close in spirit.

Our Christ ocean background urns are more than just containers for ashes; they are a tribute to life, love, and memory. With a capacity suitable for the adult human remains, these urns serve as a dignified resting place, ensuring peace and serenity for your loved ones.

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