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Forest Birds Christ Sunset 10 inch" Companion Urns

Introducing our meticulously crafted Christ Sunset with Birds Urn, a solemn tribute to cherish the memories of your loved ones. This urn is not just a resting place but a symbol of love and remembrance. Perfectly sized at 10 inches, it serves as a dignified memorial for both men and women. Below are its key features:

  • Elegant Design: Featuring a serene Christ Sunset with Birds theme, ideal for any home or burial setting.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable as an Urn for Women's Ashes, Memorial Urn for Dad, and all Adult Human Ashes.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted for durability and beauty, ensuring it stands as a lasting tribute.
  • Portable: Ease of transport for memorial services or placing in a special location.
  • Decorative: Serves as a beautiful piece of art in your home, honoring your loved one's memory.
  • Companion Compatibility: Can accommodate ashes for individuals or cremation companion urns for together forever.
  • Size: The 10-inch height accommodates a substantial amount of ashes, making it suitable for adult urns for men and women alike.
  • Peaceful Rest: Ensures a dignified and peaceful resting place, be it for urn burial in the ground or to be kept close within your home.

Embrace the memories of your beloved with our Christ Sunset with Birds Urn, a symbol of eternal love and remembrance.

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