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Moonlit Cat Cremation Urn | Personalized Urn For Storing Cat Ashes

Cherish your feline's eternal presence with our Unique Cat with Moon pet urn, a beautifully crafted Large Pet Cremation Urn that pays tribute to the enduring bond between you and your beloved cat. This exquisite piece isn't your typical cremation urn. Its authentic design, featuring an elegant cat silhouetted against a moon backdrop, sets it apart, reinforcing meaningful remembrance in a distinctive manner. A charming place for your furry companion's remains, it perfectly merges sentimentality with uniqueness. Ideal for any locale, these urns speak a universal language of love, respect, and remembrance. It's not just about storing your dearly departed pet's ashes, but about carrying on their lingering spirit in your home and heart. 

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10 Inch





Up to 2 lines on the 3 Inches keepsake urn.
Up to 4 lines on the 10 inches urn.

For Keepsake 3":
Michael C, Fin
Feb 02, 1969 - Jan 29, 2022

For Standard 10" :
In Loving Memory
Michael C, Fin
Feb 02, 1969 - Jan 29, 2022
Forever In Our Hearts

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  • Manufacturing Time : 4-5 Days
  • Delivery Time : 3-4 Days
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