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Serenity in Final Rest: Eiffel Tower River Boat View Adult's Urn

Connect spirituality with the captivating visuals of the Eiffel Tower and a serene River Boat scene with our Large Urns. These distinctive metal containers are not your usual urns for adults; they create a beautiful commemoration of those who have passed away. Drawing elegance from the metaphor of life's journey as a river, and the Eiffel Tower symbolizing one's resilience and accomplishments, they combine to imbue a remarkable presence in any setting. A perfect fusion of sturdiness and aesthetic grace, these urns for human ashes are a fitting tribute to your loved ones. They also aptly respond to the search for 'Urnas Para Cenizas Humanas Adultos', underscoring inclusivity for our Spanish-speaking patrons. Uncommonly breathtaking, these urns convey a message of continuous love, honoring those who have reached their journey's end with significant dignity.

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Up to 2 lines on the 3 Inches keepsake urn.
Up to 4 lines on the 10 inches urn.

For Keepsake 3":
Michael C, Fin
Feb 02, 1969 - Jan 29, 2022

For Standard 10" :
In Loving Memory
Michael C, Fin
Feb 02, 1969 - Jan 29, 2022
Forever In Our Hearts

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