Guide To Choose Your Next Step : Pet Cremation Or Burial

Guide To Choose Your Next Step : Pet Cremation Or Burial

Which Is Better Pet Cremation Or Burial:

Understanding pet aftercare:

Grieving for the loss of your beloved pet certainly isn’t a very pleasurable experience. One deals with so many emotions and feelings that, most of the time, it becomes overwhelming for the family to deal with the loss altogether. This is painful in itself, but quite a natural process that every pet owner goes through.

On the other hand, it is also very crucial to fulfil your logistics’ responsibilities while keeping aside your emotions for a while! Deciding if you want to cremate or arrange a proper burial for your furry friend depends completely on one’s personal choice. But we, as your well-wishers, will try to decode this dilemma and help you understand these two options in depth so that you won’t regret any decision.

You must be aware of both processes, i.e., burial and cremation; they have their own pros and cons. This makes it necessary for every pet owner to know their obligations fully.

Pros and cons of Pet Burial:


  • A home burial for your favorite pet is the best thing you can give your pet to honour his departure.
  • Because pet burial is a very traditional form of practice, pet owners often choose this so that they can visit their buried friend from time to time.


  1. The downside of burying your pet in your backyard is that if you visit different places very frequently and do not own a permanent residence to go to, then you can skip this option and go for cremation.
  2. But if you are thinking of arranging a proper burial at the crematory, it might make your budget tight as crematorium lands are not cheap and you have to arrange for the casket, headstone, and regular maintenance; likewise, not everyone can afford it.
  3. Moreover, digging the grave for burial in itself is a cathartic experience, which is not appreciated by pet owners nowadays.
  4. Burying has some significant environmental effects, such as the biomagnification of chemicals, which is hazardous to pets and wildlife.

Why should you choose cremation as an alternative to pet burial?

This can simply be an individual's preference, but cremation has some added advantages that you cannot ignore, at the very least. For a statistical reference, around 90 percent of the pets are cremated, and only a few are buried. Let’s dive a little deeper:

1. Cost-effective:

Generally, pet aftercare includes deciding which way to go for the last rites of your dear friend. And the major chunk of your decision will be made by taking into consideration the economic aspects of this task. Hence, pet cremation can be a good alternative if you are someone who is looking for some cheaper options. Because burial includes the overall cost of various fragments collectively, which might leave you with a big hole in your pocket.

2. Mobility convenience:

Burying your pet in a designated place will offer you no portability. If someday you choose to leave that place, then you must figure out how you will deal with your buried friend. Also, one has to be pretty careful with the legal aspects of it. Whereas, cremation gives pet owners some relief in case they want to carry their beloved’s remains along with them to places. Hence, one can be satisfied that they are not losing something and be guilt-free.

3. One can still have a memorial.

Pet cremation is nowadays preferred by more than 50 percent of the population. Surely, this cannot be only because of the trend. Pet owners are sometimes so attached to their furry friends that they want to carry their rich memories with them everywhere. And this is only possible if you choose not to bury them. Instead, after cremation, it is technically possible for you to carry their ashes in almost every form. You can carry it either in jewellery or pet urns.

4. Environmentally sustainable:

Cremation does not put the environment at risk since it doesn’t have many negative impacts on wildlife around us. We can dispose of the remains by aerial or water scattering, which is much more realistic and a far easier job.

5. Hygienic and odour-free:

Cremating your pet is a better option if you are very concerned about hygiene, decomposition, etc. It is a clean process to honour and handle the remains of your pet carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: What to do with the pet ashes?

Answer: Pet ashes can be kept as a memorial in the form of candles or jewellery, or you can adorn your showcase with the right urn too.

Ques2. Is it illegal to bury or cremate your pet in the sea?

Answer: There is no direct yes or no to this question. It will depend on the place, the community, and the rules and regulations of one's local authorities. Hence, you have to check with the higher authorities and proceed accordingly.

Question 3: What are the disadvantages of cremating your pets?

Answer: The process of cremation cannot be reversed, so one has to be careful if they want to continue the process. Moreover, on the emotional front, cremation is perceived as less impersonal and clinical in nature than the traditional burial process. 

Question 4: What are the different types of cremation processes for pets?

Answer: Pet cremation is carried out in two forms:

  1. Private cremation: This is one of the most expensive cremations that a pet owner can arrange. It is exclusive in the sense that you can get the cremated ashes in return. Along with this, in private cremations, the owner gets to witness the cremation on their own. This part is important because sometimes people do not trust the cremating authorities.
  2. Community cremation: While community cremation means that animals are cremated collectively in the same chamber, you can’t have the ashes back at your own convenience. This is a major drawback for most people because they would like something personal given back to them. However, in many cases, the crematory authorities would hold a memorial service to say a few words in remembrance of the loved ones.



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